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Rural living has never been so appealing. In an age where working from home is the norm, why not enjoy the view. This 10 acre parcel of land in Stillwater, MN had everything that Jeff and Tammie were looking for. Well... almost everything. They only problem was their outdated home. When we first started talking with the homeowners, we were weighing the options of completely remodeling their existing home, or tearing it down and starting over completely. Ultimately, they determined that the best option was to start over completely.


Tear Down Rebuild


Stillwater, MN



During design, we set our sights on a few primary goals. First, to open up the floor plan and living space. The existing home was too compartmentalized and felt cramped. We needed the home to feel airy and light. Second, to blend rustic cottage and modern amenities without sacrificing the first goal. Lastly, to balance classic architecture with asymmetrical details in order to add some unique visual interest. The sprawling property and beautiful backdrop deserved to have a beautiful home nestled into them.

As we worked through the initial concepts, a couple fun ideas started to form. The long cathedral ceiling stretching from the foyer to the porch made a clean line of sight through the house. As you walk through the front door, the first thing you see is a lone towering oak tree at the back of the property, perfectly framed by the porch windows. Anyone who knows us knows that kitchens play a very important role in our home designs. They are the heart of the home and the main gathering space for families but we also give a lot of attention to the pantry.

In this particular house, we incorporated a sliding pass through window in the kitchen backsplash that grants access directly to the pantry. When open, Jeff and Tammie will be able to transfer appliances, gadget, and ingredients straight from one room to the next. When there's a mess in the pantry, which may be more often than we want to admit, the obscure glass window conveniently closes it off.

Everything from the initial design concepts through every aspect of production was a joy and we are excited to see this one complete. Stay tuned for more photos as this house get wrapped up.