Modern Interior St Louis Park



City living just got an upgrade. We took this 1920's Mediterranean rambler and turned it into a Modern Cottage with an amazing open floor plan. The simple details give a minimalistic vibe while the rustic elements tie it back to its origins in Minikahda Vista.

Our hope was to design a home that fit the existing foundation but didn't feel cramped or tight. By eliminating the majority of the walls on the main floor and getting creative with room dividers we were able to make the tight space feel much more accommodating.


Custom Home


Minikahda Vista



Although we loooove our built ins and details, we had to restrain ourselves here. The ultimate goal of making this home look and feel larger than it was meant we needed to keep it clean and simple. By using one paint color for all the walls, ceilings, and the vast majority of the millwork, the walls and ceilings seem to melt away into the background. It allows your eye to focus on the few striking details that fill in the void. With that being said, our hope was to make those few details as bold and appealing as possible. Dark colors and textures played a significant role here and carried throughout the entire home as a common thread. Our use of heavy blacks, cast concrete, glass, and white oak bring a little bit of drama to a modern minimalistic design. We hope you like it!